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    USA Today/Zagat name Edzo’s as one of the top 25 burgers in the US and best burger in Chicago.

    As a result of the USA Today article, Edzo’s was discussed on WGN radio’s Jonathan Brandmieier Show and WLS radio’s Bruce Wolf and Dan Proft Show

    Edzo's Burger Shop

    Red Eye publishes a thorough and detailed review of our new Lincoln Park location by “The Great Burgerelli”

    The choice is not whether you should order Edzo’s splendidly crispy fries—the answer to “would you like fries with that?” should always be “Yes”—but rather what kind of fries to order.

    Edzo’s milkshakes are named the best in Chicago by Chicago Magazine in their “Best of 2012″ issue.

    We sucked down our weight in blended ice-cream drinks, from simple to over-the-top gourmet. The shakes at Edzo’s, a hamburger shop, topped them all.

    View the video!  Watch Ed grind the meat!

    Edzo’s Burger Shop by Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

    Named “Best Tricked-out Burger” on Make It Better Magazine’s Best of 2012 list

    Edzo’s proved the little engine that could. Once you’ve had one of Eddie Laken’s griddled beauties (with a side of truffle fries and a Nutella milkshake), you will truly understand.

    Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago 2010

    “There’s no lack of contenders in this category. But I’ve gotta give the crown to Evanston’s Edzo’s…” read full article

    Bon Appetit Magazine includes Edzo’s in a feature about “cheap eats” in Chicago.

    This Evanston suburb joint serves four-ounce griddled burgers and eight-ounce charbroiled ones. Both are excellent—and so are the fries dusted with truffle salt and Parmesan. Don’t miss ultra-creamy “Five Dollar” milk shakes that cost only $4.

    A rave from food blogger extraordinaire, David Lebovitz.

    Imagine a neighborhood burger joint, completely unpretentious but using quality ingredients like Marcona almonds and Nutella in their milkshakes. Or blending peanut butter cups, bananas, and chocolate together, creating an Elvis shake. Edzo’s is exactly the kind of place I like – and wish I lived closer to. (Yet it’s probably better that I don’t.)

    But what’s neat is how Chef Lakin has simply modernized the food of the traditional American burger joint, keeping all the classics (even offering four vegetarian options plus a turkey burger) yet updating them with top-notch ingredients without one whiff of elitism. Can’t argue with that.

    Sun-Times article about LTH Forum’s Great Neighborhood Restaurant Award

    So what makes a Great Neighborhood Restaurant?

    Edzo’s Burger Shop in Evanston, another suburban pick, embodies this spirit, Kaplan says. At Edzo’s, you can have your burger grilled or griddled and choose from 10 milkshake flavors and as many fry options, including “old fries,” which are overcooked — on purpose — so they’re crunchy. Owner Eddie Lakin is “completely woven into the fabric of LTH,” Kaplan says.

    Sun-Times Article about our milkshakes

    Edzo’s, which opened last fall, got a recent boost from Bon Appetit. The magazine in its September issue pays homage to cheap eats in Chicago, calling out Edzo’s and its “ultra-creamy” shakes.

    Chicago Reader Best of Awards, 2010
    Best New Burger

    “DMK Burger Bar, the Bad Apple, M Burger, J. Wellington’s—there’s no lack of contenders in this category. But I’ve gotta give the crown to Evanston’s Edzo’s. Chef Eddie Lakin spent months perfecting the formula for his hamburger meat, USDA choice that’s ground fresh daily…”

    Best New Burger–Char Burger at Edzo’s Burger Shop by Kate Schmidt

    From the Serious Eats burger blog, A Hamburger Today

    “The griddled burgers come on a soft roll… The choice of a lighter bun to go with the thinner, more well done griddle burgers is emblematic of what is so good about the burgers here. In general, people are happy if a burger joint puts out a well-executed burger. Edzo’s does two different styles of burger very well, offers them made from two different levels of beef quality, and even takes the time to make sure the bun is the appropriate choice for the style of burger. That is more than enough to put the place in the upper echelon of the burger scene. But the kicker is that the burgers weren’t the best things I had on my visit.”

    A Rare Combination of Variety and Quality at Edzo’s Burger Shop in Evanston, Illinois by Daniel Zemans

    Time Out Chicago Eat Out Awards 2010

    “…when Lakin introduced a Dietzler Farms’ beef option a couple of months ago, it was a game changer. Now we can eat at Edzo’s without all those industrially raised cows on our conscience. And that other kind of guilt—the kind that comes with indulging in burgers in the first place? We’ll deal with it.”

    Best Guilt-Free Burger, by David Tamarkin

    Chicago Tribune

    What he pulls off is more remarkable than it appears: He has re-created a fond juicy-sweetness of youth, and recognized that those meals were never as good as you remember, without lapsing into pretense.”

    Review; Get the Fries at Edzo’s Burger Shop By Christopher Borrelli | January 27, 2010

    Eat My Burger!

    Short video from The Feast in which I explain why it’s sometimes OK to smash the burgers and force all the juice out.

    New York Times’ Style Magazine, The Moment

    I didn’t try the truffle fries, evidence of what seems to me to be citywide fascination with truffling things, but can attest that the Taylor Street Fries, doused in oregano-inflected Italian beef gravy and strewn with the spicy oil pickle called giardiniera, are a hot mess of Chicago goodness.”

    Grass Fed | Edzo’s Burger Shop, Illinois By Peter Meehan | October 27, 2009, 4:17 pm

    Chicago ABC News

    Steve Dolinsky, “The Hungry Hound” report:  A better ‘burger shop’ in Evanston

    A very favorable review from Michael Jones of Huffington Post.

    Edzo’s in Evanston is the best burger in the world. …I am, as you can tell, not given to exaggeration, but Edzo’s is the best burger since the Big Bang. It is available in regular, uber, and super uber beef … in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes, accompanied by a variety of great shakes, and an even greater variety of fantastic hand cut, twice cooked, French fries.

    Time Out Chicago

    Edzo’s Market Burger is featured in TimeOut Chicago’s “At the Market With….” series.

    Each Saturday, Lakin heads to the Evanston farmers’ market in the early morning, then hauls back whatever catches his eye and assembles it into a produce-laden Market Burger, available on weekends only.

    Restaurant review      Edzo’s Burger Shop     A high-end spin on the Vienna Beef joint. By David Tamarkin

    “…the most crucial, highfalutin thing Lakin does—grinding his own meat and hand-cutting the potatoes for his fries—infects almost every dish. These details are impossible not to notice. The burgers actually taste beefy, and the fries…are textbook examples in frying.”

    From TimeOut’s year-end recap 100 Best Eats of 2009

    NUTELLA SHAKE | Edzo’s Burger Shop
    The shakes at Edzo’s are incomparably rich even when there’s nothing added to them. So just imagine what happens when you add a few spoonfuls of thick, nutty Nutella.

    Chicago Reader

    photo by Eric Futran

    Lakin’s genius is in going back to the basics. His hamburger, ground daily and unmistakably fresh, is available in two forms: a thin griddled patty or a nice, fat charburger. The former’s best in the form of a double; the latter’s irresistible cooked medium rare.

    Food Chain  /  Food & Drink The Great Fried Hope Posted by Michael Gebert on Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 11:10 AM

    190 North

    (Edzo’s segment starts around the 10 minute mark)

    WBEZ’s Steve Dolinsky names us among the top 5 fries in Chicago(land).  We’re #4!

    New City

    Though there is a burger or hot dog stand on seemingly every corner in Chicagoland, Lakin’s competitive edge will come through subtle attention to quality. Edzo’s will feature freshly ground burgers

    Stairway to (Hamburger) Heaven:  Edzo’s brings a seventies show to Evanston By Michael Nagrant

    Urban Daddy

    That ’70s Burger; A Burger Worth Driving to Evanston For

    North Shore Magazine

    Digesting 2009   A guide to this year’s best new restaurants. By Peter Gianopulos


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